School energy efficiency measures and services covered

The SEE Program works with district and school staff to identify and evaluate energy-saving opportunities. Any qualified project that can demonstrate energy-savings potential may be eligible for incentives. The SEE Program offers deemed rebates as described in PG&E Rebate Catalogs, as well as calculated incentives for upgrades that are not addressed through the deemed rebate process. Examples of common energy-saving opportunities for schools include:

  • Boilers and water heating
  • Energy management systems
  • Furnace retrofits
  • Advanced digital economizer controls (ADEC)
  • Demand controlled ventilation (DCV)
  • Enhanced ventilation control (EVC)
  • Notched V-belts
  • Interior/exterior lighting
  • Pool pump variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Refrigeration and food service equipment
  • Other measures as identified in the project evaluation process, including emerging technologies, retrofits and custom measure opportunities, where savings can be documented appropriately

View rebates available for schools: K-12 Schools Rebate Catalog